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Disability Act 2005
Assessment of Needs Report and Services for Children with disabilities

An Assessment of Needs report (AON Report) is a comprehensive report carried out by the HSE, that identifies if the child has a disability and their health and education needs.

A Service Statement is a statement from the HSE, that follows the Assessment of Needs Report when a disability is found,  with the actual interventions and services available to the child, the expected start date and the service provider.

After an application is made for an Assessment of Needs Report and the HSE has acknowledged the receipt of the same, the assessment must commence within 3 months and be completed no longer than 6 months.
The service statement should be received within one month after the completion of the AON report.

Many Parents are uncertain if what they have is in fact an Assessment of Needs report or they believe they have the AON report and service statement but they don’t.

The First page of an AON Report and a Service Statement should look like these:                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Any parents who wish to apply for an Assessment of Needs Report, can download the Application form at the HSE website and post the completed application form to their Local Assessment Officer.

More information and the application form can be found at: this link here

The SOP is the procedure recently implemented and used by the HSE when carrying out the assessments to complete the Assessment of Needs report. This procedure was successfully challenged in one of our court’s cases and the High Court found it to be contrary to the Disability Act.

Any AON report done under the Standard Operation Procedure is not a proper assessment report and it does not comply with the law.

The main problems with the AON report done under the SOP are:

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